Provisional investigatory commission considered cases of attacks on activists in the Kyiv region

For some reason, it has always seemed to me that the more central a region is, the more order there is. It turned out it is the opposite.

Regarding the beating of a human rights activist and a fighter against the illegal construction Oleksandr Diadiuk, everything is simple and sad – the investigators withdrew from the investigation altogether, did not perform a single investigative action and issued a decision to close the criminal proceeding. Cynicism in its best.

As for the attempted murder of activist Valentyna Makarova, who, among other things, protested against the developers of the metropolitan park Kioto, the situation is slightly better, but also without visible results.

As it turned out after an hour of cross-questions to the victim and law enforcement agencies, her statement about the threats after the first attack had not been entered into the register of criminal proceedings at all, despite the fact that this is a direct requirement of the law. This is not to mention that the threats could be directly connected with the attack and there are witnesses.

We expect opening of a criminal proceeding following the results of the meetings and in a month we will review the results of the investigation.

Now we see that the provisional investigatory commission is quite effective – definitely more effective than some law enforcement agencies, although it’s not our job to look for the perpetrators of crimes.

Olena Sotnyk
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