Provisional investigatory commission on attacks on activists working in Odesa

Clan Wars. Continuation.

The provisional investigatory commission on attacks on activists is working in Odesa. This is probably the most difficult meeting, since the number of unresolved cases here is critically large.

Activists point to the main motive of the attacks – their active position in connection with illegal buildings and construction in recreational, green areas.

Representatives of the authorities say that activists are actually working not in the public interest, but in the interests of private structures.

For me, the objective facts are as follows:

– local clans have been always illegally receiving and continue to receive land plots and building permits, while the city council continues to make decisions in the interests of these persons;

– local authorities have created a semi-military, semi-law-enforcement unit, which is called the municipal guard. In fact, these are former ATO participants controlled by the city head, who have a wide range of military powers. Neither law enforcement agencies nor other authorities are anyhow reacting to this fact. Thus they are not interfering with the creation of a kind of the mayor’s private army.

I am not surprised that these people appeared at the door of the provisional investigatory commission’s meeting. According to mayor Trukhanov, these people want to inform members of the provisional investigatory commission that they are working within the law and their intentions are virtuous.

Obviously, the provisional investigatory commission has neither the authority nor the technical ability to examine who interacts in the city with whom, who receives the benefits, but we will definitely find out why law enforcement agencies are not doing anything in this regard!

Olena Sotnyk
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