“This budget is not for Ukrainians, this budget is for the sake of receiving the IMF tranche so that the government could avoid a shameful default” – Ostrikova

Samopomich stresses that this budget is not written for people. The current government simply wants to avoid default on the eve of the elections.

According to the people’s deputies of Samopomich, the 2019 budget cannot be adopted. Tetiana Ostrikova pays attention to the size of Ukraine’s debt payments.

“Debt is a separate terrible topic. Their size is impressive. Debt payments in 2018 are as follows: debt servicing – 130.2 billion UAH, repayment – 175.7 billion UAH. Accordingly, together it is 305.9 billion UAH. This makes up 28% of all government spending. And in 2019, this figure will increase even more – one-third of budget expenditures (34%, 427 billion out of a total of 1,366 billion state budget expenditures) will be used to pay debts. This is a threat to national security.”

Ostrikova says this could have been avoided. Indeed, we possess a resource that at times exceeds the assistance from the IMF, but the government is doing nothing about it:

“After all, the tax on withdrawn capital provides additional GDP growth of at least 1% annually and an influx of investments of at least 110 billion UAH annually. Unfortunately, the funds from the termination of schemes at customs are also not in the budget. Anti-offshore legislation, unfortunately, has not been presented by the authorities either.”

With such a financial document, the government is once again deceiving the business, because the budget is calculated on the basis of the old income tax, and not on the basis of the tax on the withdrawn capital.

This budget does not care for ordinary people either. The government cannot provide for a qualitative increase in social standards, because the minimum wage will grow by meagre 450 UAH only.

There is nothing to expect from the new budget for agrarians either. “Agricultural subsidies remain at the same level – 6 billion UAH – under the same ineffective programs that were there this year and under which oligarch enterprises have already received 1 billion UAH. Each hryvnia of subsidies should reach the farmers, not the holding.”

“A big problem is the fact that we don’t see which sectors of the economy will become our drivers and ensure GDP growth, investment, and the ability to repay debts,” the deputy concludes.

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