“This decision is a slap in the face of the entire local self-government” – Sadovyi about the prohibition for cities to place money on deposits

“Good government is one that does not interfere.” Lviv mayor, Ukrainian presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi is convinced that the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers to ban cities from placing free funds on deposits is a serious blow to local self-government.

“Cities should be dynamic for the sake of development. But I see that some people do not like it when cities have money,” states Sadovyi.

According to him, in 2018, Lviv additionally received 57 million hryvnias at the expense of the funds that the city had placed on deposits.

“One has to understand that these funds are not at all random. There is a clear budget – revenues and expenditures. And if the expenses are to be made in August, and the money is there as soon as in April, then we place the money for these two or three months on deposits and receive additional income.

Then, according to the budget, every single hryvnia must be allocated for something. More good deeds can be done,” says the mayor.

We shall recall that the Ministry of Finance has prohibited cities to place their temporarily free funds of the general fund on deposit accounts. The government made the corresponding decision at a meeting on January 23.

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