Yehor Soboliev: We need to try and find those who stand behind such judges as Chaus

Parliament authorization to arrest and detention of judge Mykola Chaus is right in any case, despite the information that he has left Ukraine. This was stated by MP from the “Samopomich Union”, Yehor Soboliev.
“It is a right decision in any case, because it allows starting the search procedure, international search as well, and in any case this won’t let this gentleman feel secure anymore,” stressed Yehor Soboliev.
According to the MP, the most important thing here is not only to make Chaus himself bear liability but also to scour the judicial system from those like Chaus.
“And there are a lot like him left there. Today the chairman of the Supreme Court acknowledged that they were reviewing the activities of this judge during Euromaidan when Chaus was jailing people, and they decided to let him continue judging people. But for the Anti-Corruption Bureau and $ 150,000 with which he was caught red-handed, he would continue to destroy people’s lives. Now it’s over, and we need to try and find those who are behind judges like Chaus,” summarizes Yehor Soboliev.
Moreover, from September 30 such judges as Chaus – anyone caught red-handed taking a bribe – can be arrested at the crime scene.

Yehor Sobolev
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