“It is about changing the system, not changing offices” – Tetiana Ostrikova

“The resignation of Myroslav Prodal, ostensibly because of a conflict of interests, and his replacement by Oleksandr Vlasov are about something else than a conflict of interests and the desire to participate in the contest,” notes Tetiana Ostrikova.

Myroslav Prodan resigned voluntarily, allegedly to prevent a conflict of interest, since the Cabinet plans to hold a competition for the head of the State Fiscal Service and Prodan is going to participate in it.

Tetiana Ostrikova notes: this contest has not even been announced yet. And the chairman of the State Fiscal Service is not included in the competitive commission and in no way influences it. Therefore, there is no conflict of interests. Moreover, the government has been delaying the competition for months, holding an acting officer in this position. Hence, such a reason behind the dismissal is due to the desire to hide its true cause.

“These manipulations around the position of the head of the State Fiscal Service are actually a struggle for the influence on the Service. On the eve of 2019, which is a year of double presidential and parliamentary elections, the largest political forces want to have an impact on the structure that administers taxes and customs payments, and therefore controls the country’s budget. Therefore, we are witnessing wars for customs, wars for the post of head of the State Fiscal Service and other key posts. I do not believe that with the current authorities the competition will be conducted objectively and impartially. It is important to change the system, not to change offices.”

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