Blood trade with the occupation authorities is unacceptable and devastating for Ukraine – Samopomich

Yesterday, following the Normandy format negotiations, Berlin and Paris called on Ukraine to resume the blood trade with the territories of Ukraine occupied by the Russian Federation.

The Samopomich faction states that trade with the occupation authorities which is built on blood is unacceptable and devastating for Ukraine. Trade with the invader is as immoral as the supply of weapons to the Russian occupation forces.

It’s easy not to see war in another country, but it’s impossible not to notice it in your own home. When the French Alsace and Lorraine were occupied by Germany in 1940, France did not amend the Constitution granting a “special status” to the occupied territories, the local SS units and the Gestapo were not allowed to become “people’s militia,” and the “Butcher of Lyon” Klaus Barbie was not offered to become a people’s governor of “certain areas” of Alsace and Lorraine. Not for a moment did France intend “to maintain economic ties with the territories beyond the control of the French government” and to economically cooperate with the territories occupied by Germany.

However, today, the leaders of France and Germany insist on “restoring economic cooperation between the territories beyond the control of the Ukrainian government and the rest of Ukraine.”

If the trade with the occupied territories is an effective mechanism for ending the war, then why didn’t France use this effective mechanism in relation to the French provinces occupied by Germany?

Trade with the occupied territories cannot stop the war, because obviously it strengthens the occupation authorities and facilitates the maintenance of the occupied territories for Russia. And consequently it makes the aggressor’s life easier. It is impossible to stop the war making the aggressor’s life easier. It is impossible to secure peace without acknowledging aggression. In order to ensure peace we need to make sure the aggressor receives no support. To ensure security in the future, the aggressor must pay such a price that the very thought of war would make it allergic to all forms of aggression.

The Samopomich faction calls on international partners to accept the true reality. Already three countries of the post-Soviet space have become victims of Russian aggression – Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine. For the first time since the Second World War, a part of a European country was annexed by an Asian country under the slogan “Crimea is ours!” The territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions occupied by Russia are facing the fate of the occupied territories of Moldova and Georgia. The territories of lawlessness destroy European values, just as the Russian army’s volley fire systems destroy Ukraine.

The Samopomich faction demands the adoption of the Law “On the Territory of Ukraine Temporarily Occupied by the Russian Federation”, which will prohibit trade with the occupied territories, recognizes the occupation at a legislative level, and will protect Ukrainian soldiers, among other things.

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