Viktoriia Voitsitska: Where and how we will live depends on us only

The new school year is around the corner. Children are the future of our country. But the extent to which they will be able to unlock their potential in life depends on directly how favourable and quality their educational environment is.

Unfortunately, officials sometimes fail to recognise the importance of making educational environment a priority. As for this problem and at the same as for its inspiring solution, we have a vivid example of the parents and teachers’ collective of the secondary school No. 4 in the city of Myrnohrad in the Donetsk region.

Last October, they became aware that the city authorities intended to transfer the pupils of school No. 4 to the buildings of the local educational orphanage. This decision was not really welcomed by people.

The thing is that the school building has already been repaired at the expense of the money of parents and the local budget, whereas the conditions in the educational orphanage were much worse.

This made teachers and parents suspect that the real purpose of such a “resettlement” was someone’s mere desire to get their hands on the premises that had been renovated at the expense of the budgetary funds.

During my visit to Myrnohrad in mid-February, I visited both educational facilities, I talked with parents and a pedagogical team, and also had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the positions of the mayor of the city and the head of the city education department on this issue.

As a result, the school was left alone and it was decided not to transfer it to the new building.

What conclusions can be drawn from this story?

First of all, citizens who believe that they are masters in their own land, do become masters.

It is worth giving credit to these people: they appealed to the deputy chairman of the Regional State Administration, MPs, invited journalists from one of the national channels, who made a story about their problem.

By drawing attention to their problem, the inhabitants of Myrnohrad did not let interested parties solve it quietly in the interests of the “right” people.

These people did not let their will be neglected, and the community felt its power.

I want to share an eloquent excerpt from a letter sent to me by the residents of Myrnohrad:

“It was an unprecedented case! For the first time in the history of our city, the community went against the authorities! Our example became the hope for other people in the city that everything can be different, that we are masters in our city, region, and country! That where and how we will live depends on us only!”

Secondly, the mission of deputies in the process of reviving public activity in Ukraine is extremely important. After all, these are the MPs elected by people that can be intermediaries in communication between ordinary citizens and executive bodies on the ground.

That is why, while being happy for our children on the Knowledge Day, we, the adult citizens of Ukraine, should be also well aware of the fact that the issue of education is not something relevant only to a particular age group.

Caring for our close ones can help us learn many useful things.

The example of the residents of Myrnohrad gave us a good lesson of social solidarity, responsibility for the future of our community and courage in defending our legitimate interests. And it’s worth thanking them for this.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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