Tetiana Ostrikova demands the government to intervene in the situation at the customs posts

According to MP Tatiana Ostrikova, a member of the Samopomich Union parliamentary faction, it is necessary to consider prolonging the application of privileged customs clearance of cars with foreign registration for at least another three to six months.

The parliamentarian argues, “As of February 4, 2019, 69,400 vehicles with European licence plates have undergone customs clearance in Ukraine. There are only 18 days left and around 50,000 more cars. It is obvious that not everyone will make it.”

At the same time, Tetiana Ostrikova talks about the disorder that is now occurring at the customs with customs clearance. Last week the lawmaker visited several customs posts, so she experienced the complexity of the situation first-hand.

The parliamentarian emphasizes, “There are enormous lines of cars with European licence plates. But there are also trucks with cargo standing in endless lines. Business suffers, terrible delays occur in customs clearance. People spend three to five days at customs posts. Bribes are paid. It is impossible to obtain any information about when it will be the turn of a specific customs declaration.”

The MP is convinced that the government must immediately intervene in the situation.

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