Tetiana Ostrikova: The government is spending tens of billions on the eve of the election on bribing

On the eve of the election, the current government is committing violations worth of billions of hryvnias in order to remain in power. In particular, we are talking about the indirect bribery of voters, which is ignored by law enforcement officers.

MP Tetiana Ostrikova from the Samopomich Union faction says that first such instance is the one-time payments to pensioners from the funds that the state budget received from the customs clearance of cars with foreign registration.

The parliamentarian notes: “These 2,410 hryvnias will be paid in parts. The first part will be paid in March, the second one in April. That is, the first payment will be made before the voting and the second one after the voting. 2 million pensioners with low pensions will receive this money.”

Another thing that can be considered indirect bribery is the payment of subsidies in cash. Tetiana Ostrikova says: “It is a big “coincidence” that 4 million households will receive fifteen hundred hryvnias in cash just before the election.”

The politician continues: “The following know-how is the distribution of material assistance under the “Care” program. This, by the way, was also announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs. In Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv and in the Kyiv regions, socially vulnerable people are selected and offered financial assistance in exchange for their vote. If a person agrees, he/she is put on the list, and the social security department provides him/her with material assistance.”

The fourth scheme of indirect bribing by the current government is when at sessions of councils in regional centres the expenditures on schools, stadiums, hospitals are redistributed and allocated for material assistance.

The MP says that all this is being ignored by law enforcement agencies, which, instead of fighting with these schemes, are engaged in the persecution of political opponents, in particular, representatives of Samopomich.

Summing up, Tetiana Ostrikova addresses the Ukrainians: “I urge all Ukrainians to come to the polls and ensure with your voice your happy life in Ukraine for the next five years without corruption and oligarchs.”

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