Tetiana Ostrikova, “It is necessary to abandon draconian excise duties on the import of used cars”

It’s high time we gave the possibility to custom clear cars and get Ukrainian licence plates for them, and, accordingly, took them under the control of the state. This was reported by Samopomich MP Tetiana Ostrikova following the meeting with the owners of such cars and those interested in solving the problem, which was held in Lutsk. The politician argues, “Ukrainian streets are full of cars with foreign registration. We see that their number is constantly growing. Unfortunately, the state does not even have reliable statistics about how many of them there are. Moreover, the state does not know who will bear responsibility in the event of an accident with the involvement of such cars – as of today, state bodies do not know and cannot determine who was behind the wheel of such cars.”

According to the lawmaker, these are legislative obstacles and a prohibition to import cars that are older than the Euro-5 eco-standard, as well as a too heavy tax burden of customs clearance of such a car that are the reasons behind this situation. At the same time, Ukraine has no affordable bank crediting programs for the purchase of new cars and, accordingly, the renewal of the fleet of our citizens at the expense of new cars is impossible. Import of older vehicles is prohibited. In the end, we have a situation where the average age of cars in the country is 25 years.

“Nowadays, old minibuses, Zhiguli and Moskvitch cars are running in the streets of Ukraine. These vehicles are not even close to the Euro-5 standard. If we want to renew this outdated, Soviet vehicle fleet, it is necessary to reduce taxes on the import of used cars for everybody (both for those who already own cars with European licence plates and for those who will buy cars abroad after the adoption of the law) and solve the issue with the eco-standard, which, in Germany for example, applies to the production of new vehicles, rather than the import of the used ones. A technically sound German car produced in 2007 will not cause more harm to the environment than Zhiguli or an old minibus.”

Tetiana Ostrikova is convinced, “We must admit that so far Ukraine has not established itself as a country of developed car manufacturing. And the small number of cars that are currently produced in Ukraine does not satisfy the demand of Ukrainians in passenger vehicles. We have developed joint legislative initiatives and we really hope for the support of people. These legislative initiatives will reduce the excise duties and will make cars cheaper for everyone who will import cars to Ukraine.” 

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