Tetiana Ostrikova: Transfer of the databases of the Fiscal Service to the Ministry of Finance means losses for corruptionists

Today, the Parliament passed as a basis the bill №5368, which provides for amendments to the Tax Code to improve the investment attractiveness of Ukraine.

Describing the bill, MP from the Samopomich Union faction, Tetiana Ostrikova, says that “this bill is the first step towards the reform. At least, it limits the scope of powers of the fiscal services.”

One of the important changes introduced by the bill is the launch of a full-fledged taxpayer’s electronic office. “All communication with the payers will take place exclusively in the electronic form, which, for example, lets the payers print any certificate needed on their own, instead of taking documents to the Tax Office and waiting by the time the certificate is issued,” explains Tetiana Ostrikova.

Another positive feature of the bill is that control and verification work is transferred from the district level to the level of the region and city. “This means that regional tax offices will become common service centres. If the State Fiscal Service is a service, then it has to serve and consult people,” says the politician.

Also, the bill introduces a single chronological register of budgetary compensation of VAT, that is, it eliminates the manual mechanism in the form of the State Fiscal Service’s issuing a certificate. “Therefore, employees will no longer be able to demand money and receive bribes for this certificate. This will also ensure non-interference of the State Fiscal Service employees into the electronic computer systems. The Ministry of Finance will provide technical support for all the registers and databases maintained by the Fiscal Service. Moreover, the Ministry will see who out of the Fiscal Service employees interferes and distorts the databases,” explains Tetiana Ostrikova.

However, summing up, the MP says that it will be difficult to push the bill through the Parliament due to the fact that it deprives the corruptionists a chance to gain abusive benefits.

“Now the representatives of oligarchic groups of the Parliament will try to consolidate, make various amendments and just tear the bill apart, because the transfer of the databases from the State Fiscal Service, when through the Ministry of Finance we will be able to control what is going on there, means direct losses for corruptionists,” sums up Tetiana Ostrikova.

Tetyana Ostrikova
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