Tetiana Ostrikova: “The parliament. Is there life after the presidential election?”

Throughout the entire past parliamentary week, the issue of the possible dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada and the appointment of early elections has been actively discussed. There were those in favour and those against among the deputies.

Samopomich deputy Tetiana Ostrikova focuses on the legal intricacies of the possible dissolution of the parliament. According to the law, the situation is as follows: the current President Petro Poroshenko can no longer dissolve the parliament. There is a clear regulation saying that in the last six months of office, the President has no right to dissolve the parliament. It will be the newly elected head of state (either Poroshenko or Zelenskyi) that will be able to do this, but only if his inauguration takes place before May 27. Because after May 27, the parliament will already have immunity, and this is also a direct regulation of the law.

The date of the inauguration is determined by the resolution for which the parliament votes. And this resolution is presented after the announcement of the official election results by the CEC.

This is where the most interesting thing lies. Ostrikova notes: “If after the presidential election the parliament gets pro-Zelenskyi, there will be groups interested in quick re-elections. For example, MPs elected to the parliament through the majority election system. The shorter the term of their election campaign, the less money they will spend on it and the less possible it is that they will have competitors in the districts. There are about two hundred of such MPs, and they will stand for the re-election.”

The parliament now consists of certain groups – there are practically no factions left, they have been divided into certain interest groups. As noted by Ostrikova, there are groups that are also interested in the re-election, because they want to convert their results in the presidential elections into a parliamentary rating.

But this does not apply to Samopomich – the Samopomich Union faction is as united as always. Even Yehor Soboliev, who has left the party, remains a member of the faction.”

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