Tetiana Ostrikova: We cannot simply vote for a figure, one line in the budget

The Samopomich faction underscores the violations of the rules and procedures for filing the bill on changes to the state budget for 2017, and is not going to support it.

“We are considering a document which is going to affect the lives of 40 million Ukrainian citizens in 2017, and we are offered to consider it in 15 minutes. The Budget Committee received the bill yesterday at 7 pm. We received it only at 10 pm and did not even have the opportunity to ask the government what the money provided for in the bill would be allocated for.

For example, 1.5 billion hryvnias are allocated for the National Police, of which 953 million – almost one billion hryvnias – for logistical support. We would like to ask the government what this money will be used for, because there are no details and estimates provided. We cannot simply vote for a figure, one line in the budget.

Then there are 400 million hryvnias for the administration of the State Border Service, of which 300 million – for engineering and technical arrangement of the border. We would like to hear the government’s answer about what kind of measures these are and whether this won’t be the “Yatseniuk’s wall”, and the money will go down the drain.

14 billion hryvnias – for subsidies. Instead of this, we would like to hear from the government where the monetization of subsidies is, where the verification of recipients of social payments is – because of this billions are being plundered. Moreover, according to the conclusion of the Accounting Chamber, the constant allocation of money for subsidies does not stimulate the population to implement measures for energy efficiency, does not stimulate us to be energy-saving.

1.5 billion hryvnias are allocated for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 180 million for doctors. And what do we allocate for education, culture?

Due to the violation of the regulations, violation of the procedure of introducing this bill, the Samopomich faction cannot support even those good things that these changes may bring about. We ask that the parliament be given an opportunity to exercise effective parliamentary control over the expenditure of every hryvnia of the Ukrainian budget,” said Tetiana Ostrikova.

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