Tetiana Ostrikova: Cabinet should carry out verification of the Ministry of Finance’s implementation of the Tax Code requirements
ostrikova ostrikova

In December 2016, the parliament voted for amendments to the Tax Code, which significantly expanded the powers of the Ministry of Finance and simultaneously imposed a certain number of responsibilities on the government and the Ministry of Finance. Samopomich MP Tetiana Ostrikova has analyzed how these responsibilities are fulfilled.

“Transfer of databases from the State Fiscal Service to the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance together with the Cabinet were supposed to ensure an independent audit of databases until July 1. What do we have now? The customs database can be illegally obtained for money, while the database of the State Fiscal Service, especially its part about the registration of tax bills and everything related to value-added tax, is constantly operating in a “manual mode”. That is, there is an inadequate work of IT systems, and the Ministry of Finance has done nothing and the deadline set by the law on database audit has been missed.

Taxpayers’ e-office. The Ministry of Finance has not yet approved the technical requirements for the software. How can user accounts start working from January 1, if in July there are still no technical requirements approved?

Provision of general consultations. I am a member of the Methodological Council under the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry has never invited me once. For all this time – almost a year – not a single general consultation has been provided, although there is a need for it.

Financial Investigation Service. Despite the words of the Minister of Finance, the relevant bill has not yet been registered in the Verkhovna Rada.

And most importantly – from July 1, the registration of tax bills stopped. The Verkhovna Rada voted for this, while the Ministry of Finance was supposed to issue the stopping criteria,” the MP notes.

Therefore, Tetiana Ostrikova appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers with a demand to carry out an objective verification of the Ministry of Finance’s implementation of the Tax Code requirements.

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