Tetiana Ostrikova: Good things are not done in an unlawful way

On Tuesday, June 20, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading a bill #6232 initiated by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The document introduces changes into several procedural codes at the same time.

The Samopomich Union faction did not support the initiative, and MP Tetiana Ostrikova, when discussing the bill 6232 underscored a number of its shortcomings.

The MP notes, “The Samopomich faction is in favor of changes in the judiciary, of putting the codes in order, which is really necessary. We stand for an impartial, fair, and effective trial.

But does this bill provide for these things?

If we are talking about an electronic court, can it be introduced now given that we know that in our country there is a huge problem with the lack of the necessary information and technical infrastructure? We can witness this everywhere, in particular, in relation to the registers that are maintained by the tax office and the customs; there is a constant manual intervention carried out. So we are offered to set up an electronic court into which intruders will interfere in a manual mode as well? Perhaps, first we need to streamline the information part, adopt the law on electronic trust services, determine the methods of protection?

As for the ways to protect the law. In accordance with this bill the court is given the right to defend human rights in any way, and not only in the way that is provided for by law or by agreement. But the court is a law enforcement body, not a rule-making one, it cannot create norms of law. What kind of legal nonsense is this?

We go further. The Supreme Court is a cassation authority. What do we see? Limitation of the range of cases that will be subject to cassation review. Practicing lawyers are aware of the shameful practice of unfavourable judgements, when judges’ assistants being bribed issue unfavourable judgements on behalf of judges. Are we going to legalize this practice?

Summons to court through the portal of the judiciary authority. Do all people now have access to the Internet and are users of this portal or we are talking about a very limited circle of persons?

In addition, the form of this bill. Good things are not done in an unlawful way. What is the next thing we should expect from the President’s Administration? One law on amending all laws of Ukraine? Why do we need the parliament then? We are here to protect the right of people to an effective and fair trial. We are asking the President’s Administration to stop destroying the parliament and humiliate it. We need to do away with adopting laws in packages once and for all. Start introducing the codes one by one and we will consider each and every of them separately.”

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