Tatiana Ostrikova: “The fight against smuggling must be systematic, not short-sighted “

“Samopomich Union welcomes the government’s large-scale offensive against smuggling and shadow business,” stated MP Tetiana Ostrikova from the parliamentary faction of Samopomich.

“We have repeatedly pointed out that budget losses from the fraud at the customs make up at least 75 billion hryvnias annually.

The MP emphasizes, “At the same time, the government’s good intentions to combat smuggling should not lead to infringement of the rights and legitimate interests of honest businesses. We do not want to end up in a situation when the $4 billion announced by the government will be collected from the honest payers, while the “shadow business” will pay off or change their “subordination”. I want to believe that the government’s initiative will work against the schemers precisely. In addition to this, it is necessary to fight smuggling systematically. Then honest businessmen will be able to continue working honestly, while “shadow businesses” will know that punishment is inevitable. The recipes against the violation of customs regulations have long been known in the whole world:

– strong customs administration;

– impossibility to sell the illegally imported goods within the country;

– rapid and effective exchange of information on the customs value of goods between customs administrations of different countries;

– real customs post-audit control.

Unfortunately, in Ukraine, we have none of these four things. Therefore, the Cabinet should primarily focus on building effective prevention measures. And in order to remove the “sharp eye” of the SBU from the customs, it is necessary to officially cancel the so-called “economy protection” function of this structure. The fewer law enforcement agencies will monitor customs, the more payments from business will go to the budget of Ukraine instead of the pockets of the law enforcement representatives,” believes the lawmaker.

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