Tetiana Bidniak: Presently we are trying to help the military organize communication

According to the military prosecutor of the Kharkiv garrison, as a result of the sabotage tonight at 2:56 am, explosions occurred at several storage sites for rocket and artillery weapons near the city of Balakliya, Kharkiv region, which caused detonation of shells. This was reported by the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoliy Matios.
According to the National Police in the Kharkiv region, at present there are already two wounded. A military volunteer, Samopomich deputy, Tetiana Bidniak, arrived at the place of accident in the morning to help the military organize the communication and evacuation of the local population.
“People are being evacuated. Everything is happening fast. 15 minutes ago some shell fired into a nine-storey building in Nova Street. There is Kirov Street nearby. The house is on fire”.
Tetiana is outraged by the official position of the authorities, which claim that they fully control the situation, and by the inaction of the military leadership, which had kept ignoring the reports from local residents and the military about the presence of unmanned vehicles over the garrison territory during the last 3 years. “I find it difficult to comment on what is happening. Because they are saying, “the operational situation is under control”, while I lack words about what’s really going on… I’m sending my regards to the judge who let those seizing the Kharkiv regional state administration go with conditional sentences, regards to the air defence forces (in the context the reports about UAVs over the military unit on the eve of the diversion), the sentry and the military commanders, who were supposed to guard the object of such significance. And to a bunch of those who overlooked the situation, and are now making loud statements that everything is under control, so we need to hold tongue and sit tight…”
State enterprise for air traffic services of Ukraine “UkSATSE” temporarily closed the airspace over Balakliya within a radius of 40 km. This was reported by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yuriy Lavreniuk.
Rescuers are evacuating the population from the part of the city of Balakliya and the neighboring villages, where the ammunition depots are exploding. This is reported by the State Service for Emergency Situations. It is noted that 600 people are involved in the liquidation of the consequences of the emergency situation – 300 of them are policemen, and 300 more soldiers of the National Guard – and 50 units of equipment; reserve forces and means, including pyrotechnic ones, are ready to be used.
In Balakliya, almost 100 km from Kharkiv, there is the largest ammunition depot in Ukraine. Earlier it was reported that in the 65th arsenal in Balakliya at least a third of the shells are life-expired; there is no place to store them, and in case of fire the consequences can be much more serious than the losses from the explosions in Lozova and Novobohdanivka.

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