“The TV link-up is only possible if our studio is in Simferopol and Putin is online from The Hague” – said Sadovyi

The leader of Samopomich voiced the conditions under which the teleconference between Ukraine and Russia is possible during the “Freedom of Speech” talk show: “When the Ukrainian studio will be in the liberated from the occupants Simferopol and Putin will give comments from the court in The Hague”.

The politician notes that because of the attempt to hold such teleconferences, as well as because of the pro-Russian propaganda, which is abundant on the TV channels bought by Medvedchuk’s associate, such channels must be nationalized or deprived of their licenses.

“There were reasons to do this back in 2018, but the chairman of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting, elected by Poroshenko’s quota, refused to raise this issue for discussion,” Sadovyi said earlier. Today, according to the politician, it is the NSDC that should deal with this issue.

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