Taras Sitenko was denied the right to participate in the competition for the post of governor of the Kharkiv region

September 9, 2016 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced a competition for the post of governor of the Kharkiv region. Taras Sitenko, “Samopomich” faction’s deputy, was one of the participants who submitted documents.
However, the competition was not properly organized. The list of candidates who had submitted their documents for the competition was not made public; the submitter learnt about the denial of his right to participate in the competition by a phone call, not in writing; the profiles of the participants are not made public.
“This denial is quite an expected reaction of the bureaucratic system to the attempt to change it. Despite the declared transparency and objectivity, the statements that in the competition only professionalism and experience will matter, the system didn’t let carrying out a real competition of worthy candidates, giving no chance to the “non-format” candidates,” says Taras Sitenko, city ​​council member from the “Samopomich” faction, one of the contenders for the competition.
The reason for denial, which was announced to Sitenko in a telephone conversation was a lack of experience in management positions. At the same time, two unemployed have been admitted to the competition. According to the MP, the bureaucratic machine is protecting itself from external influences without even trying to keep up appearances.
“I did not have any illusions about the chances to win this competition, but I considered it necessary to submit the documents to make sure that the participants are in equal conditions and have equal opportunities. However, as we can see, despite the changes that have been taking place since 2014 in Ukraine, despite the changes in the public consciousness, people representing the authorities in our country have not changed, and they are trying to preserve the bureaucratic hierarchy by force, in which the most important feature is the ability to score brownie point and write reports rather than the ability to efficiently manage and develop the country. It is obvious that the competition was a formality intended to officially legitimize the predetermined candidacy of Acting Governor Yuliia Svitlychna,” Sitenko said.
Taras Sitenko and his team are going to appeal against the decision of the commission in court.
We shall recall that Taras Sitenko’s management experience in business makes 26 years. Taras Sitenko is a Kharkiv businessman who owns several dozen companies whose total annual turnover is more than 10 billion hryvnias.
Reference: Taras Sitenko is the head of the “Samopomich Union” faction in the Kharkiv City Council. In the elections for the post of mayor of Kharkiv in 2015 he was second after Hennadiy Kernes.

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