Taras Pastukh: Those who promised to imprison Yanukovych and Co from the stage of Euromaidan are now suspending the investigation

“In three years after the Revolution of Dignity at least one positive thing has happened: today the choice – Europe or Russia – is no longer an issue. At the same time, the authorities have devalued the principles and ideals that once united the country. After all, one thing is declared publically, while different things are implemented,” said Samopomich deputy, Taras Pastukh, in a TV program at “News One” channel.

“Those who were at the stage and promised from the stage that Yanukovych and Co. would go to prison are now suspending the investigation. And this cynicism – when one thing is declared publically, while the opposite thing is done – became a reason for the loss of trust in the authorities,” said the MP. Meanwhile, there is no single sentence in relation to those involved in the killings of the Heavenly Hundred heroes, and the funds of Yanukovych and his supporters have not yet been returned to the state budget.

According to him, the people who were at Maidan wanted to see Europe in Ukraine. “Today we are fulfilling 141 conditions for Europe, while we need to be fulfilling the conditions of Ukrainians. We pass laws that are necessary for joining the EU, but in the end the laws turn to contain 2-3 points which negate them,” said the MP.

The MP believes that one of the greatest achievements in these three years was adoption of the law on e-declaration. “Today every Ukrainian has seen the fortunes of state officials and deputies. Now it is time we investigated the origins of these fortunes and prosecuted the illicit enrichment,” said Taras Pastukh.

Taras Pastuh
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