Taras Pastukh: Today there is no clear vision of how the Armed Forces should develop

The President of Ukraine has vetoed the bill 2210a, adopted by the parliament in the second reading. The bill provides for the return of military departments to the educational institutions that train physicians and pharmacists. People’s deputy of the Samopomich faction, Taras Pastukh, says the need for such an initiative is due to Ukraine’s need in the medical workers who can work in the conditions of military operations.

“The parliament approved this document by its majority and was waiting for the signature of the President. However, at the last moment conclusions of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defence appeared, and they stated that this law would require additional funding for the institutions that train medical workers. Accordingly, such financing will be reduced for the Ministry of Defence. For this reason, the law was vetoed.”

Taras Pastukh believes that this situation clearly demonstrates the absence of a strategic and planned approach in the activities of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defence. The MP argues, “After all, now such initiatives are coming from the deputies. Unfortunately, we do not hear them from the Defence Minister, the Chief of the General Staff.”

“The parliament today has no clear vision of how the Armed Forces should develop, what they need for this in terms of material support,” concludes Taras Pastukh. “As long as we don’t see this in the parliament, the deputies will independently show initiatives that will then be vetoed by the President.” Unfortunately, this leads to the fact that the parliamentary time is spent inefficiently, and the time that could have been spent on passing necessary laws is spent on those that are then vetoed by the President.”

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