Taras Pastukh: We need to protect foreigners and not forget our heroes

When considering the draft law on the protection of foreigners who defended Ukraine, MP Taras Pastukh from the Samopomich parliamentary faction asked his fellow parliamentarians not to forget about the Ukrainians participating in the war in the East. Moscow is pursuing foreigners simply for the fact the latter helped the Ukrainians. Our duty is to help these people.

“We must protect those people who once decided to help us, though risking their lives and health. It is often a case that these people had had absolutely no problems with the legislation of the countries from which they came. Yet, Russia began to pursue them precisely because they once showed solidarity with Ukraine, came to us and together with us took weapons to defend our country from the aggressor,” says Taras Pastukh.

But the deputy also asks to protect the Ukrainian soldiers, who are now actually under repression.

“We have Ukrainian volunteers who took up arms and started defending the country in 2014-15. Now they are in Ukrainian prisons. Some deputies are now writing letters to the judges, who are in charge of the cases of our volunteers, asking them not to release the imprisoned on bail and not to change the measure of restraint for our heroes. These criminal cases are all being fabricated.”

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