Taras Pastukh: Every person must bear personal responsibility for failure to fulfill the duty to protect their homeland

Yesterday, by means of a draft law #2985 the parliament tried to shift the responsibility for the delivery of those liable for the military service to military registration and enlistment offices to the local government bodies, heads of labor collectives and rectors of higher educational institutions.

Taras Pastukh, Samopomich MP, explains, “That is, if the person liable for military service doesn’t show up at the military registration and enlistment office, then the functions of the police connected with search of such a person would have to be carried out by local government bodies. In case of failure to perform this duty they would bear, among other things, criminal liability.”

The people’s deputy believes these are concrete persons that must bear personal responsibility in the event they do not fulfill their constitutional duty to protect their homeland.

In order to resolve the contradictions of the draft law Taras Pastukh had submitted an appropriate amendment, which was supported by the parliament. Presently the issue is settled.

“Today, the chairs of city and village councils are ready to help; however, they are not going to carry out the functions of the police and carry out coercion without having any legal authority to do so,” the deputy concludes.


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