Taras Pastukh: The Defence Ministry and the General Staff offer to leave the “indefinite” contract soldiers in the ranks of the Armed Forces for another two years

To leave the military who signed the “by the end of the special period” contracts in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for another two years – this is the decision suggested by the Defence Ministry and the General Staff in the updated version of the bill on “indefinite” contracts. This was reported on “Shuster LIVE Weekday” TV program by Samopomich deputy, Taras Pastukh.

“All the pretentious claims about the army being contract and voluntary are very quickly dispelled after traveling to the front. Here you can see firsthand the staffing level of our brigades, which is at the rate of 30-50 percent. And that is why today the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff offer us to pass the legislation that would delay the abolition of the “indefinite” contracts for another two years.

Nobody is ready to let soldiers go by the time the replacement that will make up for the sixth wave of the demobilized takes place,” said the MP.

According to the proposal of the Defence Ministry and the General Staff, the soldiers who had concluded their contracts before the “special period” started and the period of validity of whose contracts has expired, must serve for 18 months. Those who entered into their contracts after the “special period” started – for 24 months.

“Let’s model a situation: the contract is signed in 2011, in 2014 the contract ended, 18 months have passed since then, and the soldier has the right to resign. But there are final provisions which state: the soldiers who are subject to the bill may be dismissed from the Armed Forces in accordance with the schedule set up by the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but no later than in two years. What do we get? Those people who could have made use of this law now must fight for two more years. And the law has not even passed the first reading,” said Taras Pastukh.

The lawmaker says that the bill cannot be adopted in its present version.

“We insist on the term of dismissal of the military to be one year the longest,” said Taras Pastukh.


On October 18, the Parliament didn’t manage to overcome the President’s veto on the bill №4689, which allowed the military who had concluded “by the completion of the special period” contracts to break them or to conclude new ones. No legislation of any European country contains the regulation on “indefinite contracts”. In Ukraine this law was adopted by the Parliament in 2013 at the instigation of the Azarov’s Government.

Taras Pastuh
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