Taras Pastukh: We need to do away with the defence companies that are plundering public funds

To establish civilian control over the defence companies’ spending, to do away with the companies that embezzle public funds, and to let every soldier and every Ukrainian see how billions of hryvnias from the budget are spent – these are the requirements to the head of the government voiced by people’s deputy from the “Samopomich” Union faction, Taras Pastukh, during his speech in the parliament.
“We support the bill aimed at increasing financing of military and law enforcement officers, because we have no right to leave an ordinary soldier or police officer without salary. However, I have a question to the Prime Minister, when will we finally do so that these funds actually reach the ordinary soldiers,” said Taras Pastukh.
According to him, the Parliament has repeatedly stated that soldiers who serve in ATO should receive high salaries. “As a result each general sitting in his office in the Defence Ministry and the General Staff received pay rise as well,” said the MP.
Moreover, there should be a civilian control over all the costs that are now allocated for the defence of the country. “Because hundreds of millions of hryvnias are being stolen from “Ukroboronprom”. The Government and Parliament must work together to ensure no money is plundered from “Ukroboronprom”, said Taras Pastukh.
According to the deputy, “Samopomich” faction will support the budget for the next year only upon the condition that the information on expenditures is made available to every soldier and every Ukrainian.

Taras Pastuh
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