Taras Pastukh: “When will the Ukrainian government finally strike back in response to Russian aggression?”

Commenting on the Verkhovna Rada’s resolution on Russia’s responsibility for the armed aggression against Ukraine, Taras Pastukh, a people’s deputy representing the Samopomich parliamentary faction, draws attention to how Britain reacted to Russia’s aggression and the murder of its two citizens:

“We watch with surprise and admiration how promptly rather abrupt decisions are made, how much these decisions are supported by the parliament and the people of Great Britain. And we are talking about the killing of only two citizens of the country (!). In Ukraine, we have thousands of dead servicemen, thousands of dead civilians. The war has been there for four years already, yet we are still talking about “a hybrid rebuff of aggression,” says the MP.

Taras Pastukh urges to strike back finally, to show some muscle as the governments of other states are doing today.

“It is not right to solely condemn the aggressor for invading our territory. The resolution should also mention those who help the aggressor, including those sitting in this parliament, those who own business in Russia and with their taxes finance the invader, as well as the owners of Russian business in the territory of Ukraine. Then this will be not a hybrid but a real response which Ukraine needs today,” Taras Pastukh states

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