Taras Pastukh: E-declarations may put an end to the careers of some politicians

For many politicians, electronic declaration of property will result in the collapse of their political career, even regardless of whether or not the facts will be properly investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

“For some politicians this will put an end to their further political career. This is especially true of those who have been in public service for whole their lives. Revenues of such politicians can be analyzed easily by adding all of their salaries in order to understand how honest some politicians are. And even if the National Anti-Corruption Bureau cannot bring these officials to justice, people will deliver their verdict,” Taras Pastukh, Samopomich MP, stated on “112” channel.

Introduction of e-declarations is a great victory of those who seek to make the life of politicians transparent and accountable to the society.

“Deputies managed to deliver on one of the most radical promises, and this is a victory in itself. Now people themselves will be able to see how honest a politician is, and with his or her declaration in hand ask them during the elections, “Where did you get this money from?” says Taras Pastukh.

Also, explanation of the origin of the property should become one of the key requirements in competitions for public positions. “Having analyzed many declarations, it seems that the corrupt officials today tend to be willing to lead the anti-corruption bodies, while in charge of the fight against the shadow economy are those who are involved in it themselves,” states the MP.

Taras Pastuh
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