Taras Pastukh: The budget of the defence and security sectors is classified
The entire budget for the defence and security in 2017 – which is more than 120 billion hryvnias –  is a classified information. This was stated by people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, Taras Pastukh.
“As a representative of the Committee for National Security and Defence I did not receive any detailed information either from the Ministry of Defence or the National Guard, or the Security Service of Ukraine. The whole budget was set forth on a single sheet of paper allocating more than 120 billion hryvnias. And when we asked to have the detailed budged in order to see how the money is spent, why they do not reach the soldiers, we were told there was a decision of the Council of National Security and Defence, which prohibited even the Ministry of Finance to intervene into the figures. And the Verkhovna Rada could not change a single line,” said Taras Pastukh.
According to the MP, on the eve of the adoption of the budget 2017 Samopomich faction voiced their key requirements to the Prime Minister. First of all, this was preservation of the financial decentralization. “Nevertheless, during the budget night the Parliament fully transferred the costs of utility services of institutions of education and medicine onto the local budgets. Although the Constitution of Ukraine clearly states that these funds must be provided by the state,” notes Taras Pastukh.
Taras Pastuh
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