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Andriy Sadovyi: The task of each Samopomich member is to be an advocate of people who create jobs

On October 30, in Kyiv, there was the 10th congress of the Samopomich Union political party held. During the congress…

The prosecutor’s office and the police are having a dig on the cases against Lviv city council from the time of Pshonka, Sadovyi

“We have received information on reopening of a criminal case against the leadership of Lviv motor carrier for the purchase…

Andriy Sadovyi paid a visit to the fighters of the 80th brigade and provided them with assistance from Lviv residents

Recently, the leader of the Samopomich Union visited Luhansk region, where the 80th nondivision air assault brigade of the Armed…

Andriy Sadovyi’s statement on information about the offer to become prime minister

“I have repeatedly heard such talks. I emphasize again – Prime Minister must have the support of the Parliament, the…

We express our condolences to Andriy Sadovyi in connection with the death of his father

Last night, father of Andriy Sadovyi, the leader of “Samopomich” Union, passed away at 11:55 pm. We express our sincere…

Weak and manual Association of Cities is a tragedy for the state – Sadovyi

“Strong state power bases itself upon a strong association of local governments, while a weak one wants to manage the…

“Samopomich” will defend in court the election results in Kryvyi Rih– Sadovyi

This was stated by the leader of the “Samopomich” Union, Andriy Sadovyi.

Sadovyi receives 50.88% votes in Lviv – parallel vote tabulation data

“Samopomich” Union released data of the parallel vote tabulation in Lviv.

Andriy Sadovyi thanked Ukrainians who came to the polls

The leader of the “Samopomich” Union” thanked all Ukrainians who took part in the elections of local self-government.