“The system continues to work against changes” – Oleksandr Sienkevych

On July 12, a representative of the Department for the Protection of the Economy of the National Police of Ukraine served an administrative protocol to Mykolaiv Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych under the article “Violation of the requirements for the prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest”.
It should be noted that the exact same document had already been served to Oleksandr Sienkevych. This was following the events of November 24, 2015 when during the first session of the 7th convocation of the Mykolaiv City Council Oleksandr Sienkevych voted for appropriating himself the rank of a local government employee and the relevant salary, but did not announce that in that case there was a conflict of interest.
According to a lawyer of the Mayor, Yurii Storcheus, the protocol served last week is no different from the previous one, and there is still no court decision on the first one; so it is strange for law enforcement bodies to hand over a second protocol for the second part of the same article.
Oleksandr Sienkevytch himself believes that the reason behind the accusations against him and the attempts to get him involved in provocations, is the fact that he is the mayor who does not suit everyone: “There are people who don’t want me in this position, who think that I am hard to be controlled and who can’t make me participate in certain illegal schemes.
Unfortunately, ambitions and dirty political games don’t let either the deputy corps or the City Council work successfully. Such accusations of corruption are nothing more than a sarcastic statement. For me, this protocol on corruption is yet another proof that I’m heading in the right direction; I do not succumb to political pressure and provocation. What is being done against me today means that the system continues to work against changes. I hate it that the people who had fought against the criminal regime of Yanukovych, became involved in all the same criminal schemes once in power. We will act in accordance with the law and go to court no matter what.”
At the same time, the Mayor of Mykolaiv believes that such actions negatively affect the investment climate and the international image of not only a single city, but also of our country as a whole. “The fact that today city heads are being attacked for no valid reasons is a sign for our international partners. This does not improve the investment climate in any way, does not arouse any additional interest in our cities, in our country. It’s a shame!”

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