Sysoyenko: The government buys medications for the treatment of cancer stage III and IV, but there is no money for early diagnosis of cancer

“There is not a single hryvnia in the draft budget 2019 for early diagnosis and prevention of cancer,” says Samopomich’s deputy Iryna Sysoyenko. “This is illogical and cynical.

The government thinks it can only buy drugs through international organizations for the treatment of cancer stage III and IV. But it is even more important to identify cancer at early stages, diagnose it at the primary level, perform CT scans, promptly treat people and let them live for many years more.”

Sysoyenko notes that it is only in Ukraine that oncological diseases are fatal; in other countries of the world cancer has been treated for a long time; after treatment people can live healthy and happy lives for decades.

“We have such a situation in Ukraine because there is no prevention, no early diagnosis. Ukrainians are treated at the final stages, when almost nothing can be done.”

We shall recall that according to the Ministry of Health, now in our state more than 1 million people suffer from cancer. Every day, 450 people find out that they have malignant tumours, and the number of such diseases increases annually by about 130,000 people (in 2017 – by 143,000).

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