Sysoyenko: I hope for the support of deputies and the political will of the government in the issue of primary medicine

MP Iryna Sysoyenko, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Health, member of the Samopomich Union faction, once again called on the deputies and the government to take a step towards drawing up the rules for the work of the primary level of medicine when considering the draft law 6634, which she had authored. However, there were not enough deputies in the parliamentary hall to vote.

“It is very sad that at a time of consideration of such an important bill there are not enough MPs in the hall. And it is even worse that there is not a single representative of the government. Although it is the government that should offer us such a bill.

For three years the Samopomich Union faction has been demanding that the government increase medical wage rates for emergency medical workers. Nothing can change without a political will! Doesn’t the government see that thousands of doctors are leaving Ukraine to work abroad today!?

Once again, I emphasize that medical workers are the ones who save our lives every day working in the most difficult conditions. These are emergency medical workers who arrive at calls when we have heart attacks, strokes, road accidents. However, the government ignores the financing of emergency medical care. Meanwhile, from year to year, mortality is increasing in Ukraine.”

As you know, in the draft state budget for 2019, the government provided funding for emergency medical care only in several regions.

“In the next year, the state budget will allocate funding for only 5 regions of Ukraine. What should the other 19 regions do? Samopomich is once again demanding from the government to provide funding for all regions of Ukraine and to stop any discrimination. There must be justice for all citizens! This is the prerequisite for saving the lives and health of people,” Iryna Sysoyenko is outraged.

Also, yesterday, the Committee on Health supported a bill on abolishing benefits for people’s deputies. This was also noted by the parliamentarian during her speech:

“I’m sure that it is necessary to oblige deputies and officials at the legislative level to receive medical care only in state medical institutions. In our country, everyone should be equal in the right to receive medical care. Perhaps then, when considering bills regarding people’s health, there will be a hall full of deputies!

In the meantime, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada has agreed to postpone the vote on the bill until tomorrow.

“I hope for the support of deputies and the government, because this bill should build working rules for the first-level doctors,” the author of the bill addressed her fellow deputies.

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