Sysoyenko: The draft state budget for 2019 is a humiliation of doctors and patients

According to MP Iryna Sysoyenko from the Samopomich Union faction, who is also deputy chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health, the next year’s draft budget proposed by the government does not ensure a decent level of medicine and education in the country, and even deprives Ukrainians of the right to receive timely and complete medical care.

“The draft state budget for 2019 is a draft of mockery of those who have not yet gone abroad. Unfortunately, with such a budget, the mortality rate will only grow.

For three years, together with my colleagues from the Samopomich Union, we have been demanding to increase the salaries of emergency medical workers and medical workers of 2nd and 3rd levels of medical care.

It looks like when the government finally implements the new laws on medical reform, there will no longer be anyone left in hospitals to work!

Meanwhile, teachers keep hearing about salary increases only from television screens. In fact, the debt on educational subventions amounts to 4.4 billion UAH in the current year, and as soon as in November there will be no money for the salaries of teachers at all.

Can there be well-developed medicine or education, if doctors and teachers at work think how to provide for their children and how to pay for bills?” the parliamentarian is indignant. However, according to Iryna Sysoyenko, instead of financing medicine and education, the government spends money on hypnotizing people and creating an illusion of reforms, new schools, repaired roads, and the like.

“This is what we see on billboards all over Ukraine,” say the MP.

So what does the government offer for 2019? Iryna Sysoyenko specifies, “There are no funds for the emergency medical care in the draft state budget 2019 – only for 5 chosen regions, while the remaining 19 regions are going to receive nothing. Following my speech, the Ministry of Health published on its website a statement that the deputies are lying. Now, those funds that are available for the emergency medical care are a real mockery! And the salaries of 3,700 hryvnias for the emergency doctors are a mockery as well. The underfunding of patients with diabetes is a mockery, because this year the government has not managed to satisfy the need for insulin.

The same is going to happen next year.

There is not a single hryvnia allocated for diagnosing oncology, for preventing injuries, rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, and many other needs! Where to get all this money from?”

The faction of Samopomich can help the government find the money for medicine and education. Funds from corruption crimes should be spent on the construction of hospitals and schools.

“If there really were the political will of the Prime Minister and the President to take the loot away from corrupt officials, this money would have been enough to build a modern hospital and a school on almost every street! Also, the fight against corruption at the customs could have significantly filled the budget revenues.

We also believe that it is necessary to reduce the expenditures on the security and law enforcement agencies, which now account for 97.9 billion hryvnias or 47.8% of the total budget.

Therefore, I voted against such a draft budget,” concludes Iryna Sysoyenko.

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