Sysoyenko: “The law on medical reform must be implemented Regardless of the names of the President and the head of the Ministry of Health”

MP Iryna Sysoyenko from the Samopomich Union faction reassures that there will be no curtailment of the medical reform, and patients, doctors and public organizations should not panic.

“The law on medical reform must be implemented regardless of the names of the President and the head of the Ministry of Health, because it was adopted back in 2018 and must be implemented just like other laws of Ukraine. The medical reform is a law passed by the parliament that should build a mechanism of paying for medical services provided to a person in a hospital at the expense of the budget funds. This is exactly what the government has to do through a step-by-step implementation of this law by 2020.”

Sysoyenko also hopes that the newly elected President will put the interests of people – and not of the politicians who surround him – at the heart of his policy. She also hopes that the financing of medicine will not be as usual – carried out by a leftover principle – but will be a priority, 5% of GDP, as in the countries where people’s lives and health are protected.

The lawmaker outlined three biggest challenges in medicine:

  • Maternal health.

“We need to realise that every year almost half a million citizens die in Ukraine, and the birth rate is half that. Therefore, maternity protection should be a priority of the state policy. We need programs for the early diagnosis of cancer in women of childbearing age.”

  • To reduce the cost of medicines and increase the number of medications that will be provided free of charge to people, while their cost will be reimbursed from the budget.
  • To restore the prestige of the medical profession, to increase the salaries of medical workers in order to stop the migration of highly qualified doctors and nurses abroad.

As for the emergency medical care, which everyone complains about, the situation is somewhat different. Sysoyenko explains: “The problem of emergency medical care is not a problem of the medical reform; it is the irresponsibility and inaction of the Ministry of Health, which simply transferred the responsibility of providing financing for emergency care to local budgets. And now the Ministry is not controlling whether or not the emergency medical services receive funding. This should be monitored and financed by the state budget.”

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