Sysoyenko: These are not hospitals and equipment that treat, these are specialists who treat. And the state is losing them

Medical reform is a challenge for Ukraine. In particular, this is because of the fact that our state has three years to walk the path of reforming the industry, while our neighbours and other countries of the post-Soviet space had 5 years for this.

MP Iryna Sysoyenko of the Samopomich parliamentary faction underscores the risks that are going to be there in these three years. “These next years should become a time of the government’s hard work, because the parliament has adopted an important professional law. In fact, we have introduced insurance medicine, but the government is the one to implement this law. And the benefit for each person coming to the hospital will depend on how effective the government implements this law.”

The government has to realize a very important thing – while these laws are being introduced, the state is losing its medical personnel. A large number of medical workers throughout the country are quitting their jobs – going abroad or starting to work in other specialties. Why? Because of low wages. In Ukraine, doctors have the lowest salaries out of all public sector employees – an ambulance doctor receives 3,700 hryvnias. This is a shame,” says Sysoyenko.

“Even if we have the best possible legislation and European standards, unless the government retains our specialists, nothing will happen. This is the most important task, because these employees are going to work in the new financial conditions.”

For three years in a row, the faction of Samopomich has been insisting on the necessity to increase the wage tariffs for the medical workers of the second and third categories, because the new law applies to first-level physicians. And there is a big risk that by 2020 there will be no one left to work.


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