Sysoyenko: “Doctors and health workers are expecting successful laws from parliament on the introduction of insurance medicine”

Samopomich representative Iryna Sysoyenko is asking the Verkhovna Rada to include in the agenda and vote for the bill 9075 that prolongs the action of the law on the autonomization of medical services, which was adopted two years ago. The document will continue the benefits for district, city, regional hospitals regarding their reorganization. This bill will allow hospitals to make decisions about raising wages for nurses, doctors, concerning their costs for the purchase of medical equipment, concerning spending money on repairs and the like on their own.

Sysoyenko is appealing to all political forces and reminds that in 2017, 280 MPs voted for this law.

“We have been working for some time to introduce changes in the healthcare system in Ukraine. I shall remind you that in 2017 the Ukrainian parliament adopted a very important law, which was the first step for the introduction of insurance medicine – this is the law on the autonomization of medical institutions. This law was prepared by representatives of all political forces in parliament. And it was Sandro Kvitashvili who was the Minister of Health at that time, while Uliana Suprun, whom you love to mention all the time, had nothing to do with this law.”

“Let’s prolong the operation of our law. I ask that the bill 9075 be included in the agenda. Doctors are expecting the prolongation of the laws which we successfully passed in the framework of the introduction of insurance medicine,” noted Iryna Sysoyenko.

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