Sysoyenko: When the country is in the state of poverty, medicines must be made available

MP Iryna Sysoyenko emphasized this during the Pharmacy Summit-2018, where the draft law “On Medicines” authored by her was discussed among other things. This draft law is aimed at ensuring economic competition and protecting the rights of patients in the retail trade of medicines.

“I knew there would be a lot of questions and critics, so I agreed to take part in the summit. I hope my answers convinced those who opposed the draft law 8591, which has been recently worrying the owners of pharmacy chains in the first place.

It is good when there is useful criticism. It is necessary to work together on the draft law, to conduct a dialogue in order to create the best possible conditions for everybody.

The main thing that we need to think about is the health of people, patients, and not about someone’s benefit. These are the consumers, their health and interests that should be the centre and the driving force, in a way a “starting point” in resolving the issue of the circulation of medicines.”

Iryna Sysoyenko, Deputy Chairperson of the parliamentary Health Committee, says that in Europe, a pharmacist may be the owner of one or a couple of pharmacies.

Therefore, these owners are interested in ensuring that their medicines are of the highest quality and are the cheapest for patients.

According to her, the bill provides for:

– a uniform distribution of pharmacies not only in large cities, but also in villages;

– pharmacies’ not turning into supermarkets, the way it is now, but being healthcare institutions;

– the possibility of hospital pharmacies to manufacture medicines themselves (as it is done in Poland, for example);

– the requirement to pharmacy owners to have a pharmacist education, as it is required in European countries.

“Today, when the country is in a state of poverty and the cost of medicines for people sometimes exceeds half of their family budget, the issue of affordability of medicines has acquired national importance. Therefore, these legislative initiatives are aimed at achieving the affordability and quality of medicines. And most importantly – the maximum reduction of their cost. The purpose of the bill is to implement European legislation; after all, we are declaring all the time that we are moving towards Europe.”

Now the bill is being finalized. Prior to getting to the parliament, it still has to get the approval of the relevant committee. Therefore, MP Iryna Sysoyenko calls for joint work on the draft law.

“I am absolutely open to discussions, to cooperation. People’s deputies, the government, pharmacy owners, manufacturers – we should all act together following a unified principle.”

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