Sysoyenko: Provision of financing for emergency medical service only in 5 regions is discrimination of the others

Samopomich faction demands that the government should fulfill its promise and fully fund the EMS throughout the country, not in 5 regions only.

MP Iryna Sysoyenko notes, “There are ads about EMS all over the country; but they are yet another deception. Because in the next year, funds for EMS will be provided only for five regions: Odesa, Poltava, Ternopil, Donetsk and – for obvious reasons – Vinnytsia. The remaining 19 regions of the country will not receive anything. Samopomich considers such a decision to be discriminatory both in relation to physicians and in relation to people who live in these areas.”

People from the Kyiv region came out to protest to the parliament demanding funding for the emergency medical care in the region. Both doctors and patients collected signatures. Sysoyenko says she is ready to collect signatures with a similar demand in relation to other 19 regions of Ukraine, which were not as lucky as the 5 pilot ones.

“If necessary, we will collect signatures from other regions of the country, providing the government will not understand that the issue of emergency medical assistance is a matter of Ukraine’s national security and there can be no “pilot projects” in relation to the life and health of people.”

This issue is really urgent. In Ukraine, the death rate from cardiovascular diseases and traffic accidents is increasing from year to year. Almost 4.5 million people with varying degrees of severity are injured every year. And it depends precisely on emergency medical service whether or not a person will survive, whether there will be a chance to preserve his/her health. For two years Samopomich has been requiring proper funding for the emergency medical service, and the government keeps ignoring these requests for two years.

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