Sysoyenko: Emergency medicine is being reformed only in 5 regions; what should the rest do?

The government is constantly promising the emergency medicine reform – but only in 5 regions, and the money even for these 5 regions have not yet been allocated. Samopomich deputy Iryna Sysoyenko is asking the Prime Minister what people from other regions of Ukraine should do?

“What should people from other 19 regions of Ukraine do? These regions will not receive a single hryvnia for the purchase of new ambulances, uniforms, for obligatory payments of allowances? Should people move to the other 5 regions of Ukraine?”

Sysoyenko also notes that as of March 22, there is no government resolution on the allocation of funds for the emergency medicine reform, even in those 5 pilot regions. Yet, according to the legislation, this decision should have been adopted until February 1.

The Prime Minister did not answer the question about the resolution of the Cabinet. But he confirmed that the reform was being introduced only in 5 regions, because this what money was enough for in 2019. But he promised the reform of emergency medicine in all regions of Ukraine in 2020 given there is enough budget money.

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