Sysoyenko: The state fails to perform its duties in providing financing for medicine

In Ukraine, there are huge problems with the financing of emergency medical care. First of all, instead of 11 billion hryvnias necessary for the needs of emergency medical care, only 1 billion was allocated in the state budget for this year. Secondly, there is still no government resolution on the disposal and use of funds provided for the industry. MP Iryna Sysoyenko from the Samopomich Union faction emphasizes that this is despite the fact that the Cabinet of Ministers must approve the necessary documents by February 1 of this year.

While the government has no time for solving the problems of emergency medical care, the situation in the regions of Ukraine is constantly worsening. For example, residents of the city of Zhovti Vody have to raise funds for the repair of an ambulance on their own. The people’s deputy is indignant: “It’s a shame that the state is failing to perform its duty and provide financing thus forcing people to raise funds for the repair of an ambulance!”

There is also a catastrophic shortage of ambulances in the Lviv region, of which doctors have repeatedly reported to the regional governor. Another shameful example is the fact that the ambulance park in Ivano-Frankivsk region was last updated back in 2007, whereas in accordance with the regulations, the useful life of a vehicle cannot exceed six years.

Iryna Sysoyenko adds: “Chernivtsi region, Cherkasy region do not have a single dispatcher service of the emergency medical care.”

The parliamentarian states: “These problems cannot be solved at the regional level. The state must fulfil its duty. Proper state funding for emergency medical care is about preserving life and health of people.”

Consequently, Samopomich requires solving the shameful situation with ambulances, in the first place. Secondly, the Verkhovna Rada should adopt a draft law on the physical protection of the life and health of medical personnel of emergency medical service No. 6311.

Iryna Sysoyenko concludes: “To protect doctors, to buy new ambulances, uniforms, to create proper conditions and to ensure decent wages is a direct responsibility of the state. Only then we will be sure that every person will be saved.”

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