Syroyid: “The Law “On the President” will bring the guarantor of the Constitution back in line with the Constitution itself”

Deputy Speaker of the parliament Oksana Syroyid hopes that the law “On the President”, proposed by Samopomich, will be adopted in the first reading on April 25, 2019.

“The parliament now has a unique opportunity to pass this law. A lot of MPs are ready to support it, and we hope for adoption in the first reading as soon as on Thursday.”

Samopomich already proposed this document back in 2014, but then Poroshenko did not want to be a president with some kind of limitations. And documents like this can be adopted either at the beginning of the president’s term or at the end.

Syroyid notes: “It’s time to pass a law on the President of Ukraine. A law that will not limit the power of the President, because this power is determined by the Constitution, but a law that will bring the guarantor of the Constitution back in line with the Constitution itself.”

After all, if we analyse the political history of Ukraine, we have never had a really good President. Since unlimited and uncontrolled power without deterrence has not helped anyone to work for the benefit of people:

“Most people think that the more powers and authorities one or another body or organization has, the better they will work for people. But the presidential election has shown how illusory this vision is. Presently, there is not a single effective procedure for holding the President accountable, not even a real impeachment procedure. As a result, this irresponsibility and arbitrariness are the reason for the failure of every president we have in Ukraine.”

Today in Ukraine there are 89 laws that give the President unconstitutional powers. But the Law “On the President” will keep the guarantor within the framework of the Constitution, will protect him from the influence of oligarchs and will provide him with the tools of responsibility. The Deputy Speaker notes:

“This law will make any President successful. I hope for the support of both the current President and the President-elect for this law.”

Oksana Syroid
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