Syroyid: “Samopomich has always been the only one to advocate for open lists”

“So many people shouting about open lists from the parliamentary rostrum. However, when there are closed meetings, there is not a single political force to support this issue,” notes the Deputy Speaker of the parliament Oksana Syroyid.

She emphasizes: “Unfortunately, we are used to deceiving people: if people want open lists, we will promise them to people, but at the same time we will do what we please. Samopomich has always been the only one to advocate for open lists.”

Syroyid recalls that 226 MPs voted for the adoption of the Electoral Code in the first reading.

“And this was unpredictable because there were intentions to kill this bill yet in the first reading. The Petro Poroshenko Bloc said that that document would be killed in the second reading eventually.”

These intentions are also confirmed by the very work of the working group. Ruslan Sydorovych has been the only permanent member of the working group.

Samopomich is the only faction that consistently stands for the proportional system with open lists and will support the version of the Electoral Code prepared by the working group for the second reading.

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