Syroyid: If there are no debates, people will actually judge by appearances

Oksana Syroyid, Deputy Speaker of the parliament, supports the idea of open debates between presidential candidates.

“If there are no debates, then people will actually choose a cover, while with the help of debates, one can see what’s inside. What people speak, they tell a lot about themselves.”

Syroyid also advocates a ban on political advertising on television, since political advertising is a kind of hidden political corruption.

“Television advertising is a way of huge financial scams. Look at the pre-election fund of presidential candidates, even the one that is declared. These are hundreds of millions of hryvnias, or even dollars. And this money goes to the media. Tell me, where can a regular, non-oligarch candidate take such money from?”

Syroyid notes – none of the representatives of the “legal” Ukrainian business would be ready to allocate this much money for the election fund.

“This is done by the oligarchs and, in fact, we get an endless circulation of oligarchic power.”

Oksana Syroid
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