Syroyid: “If we want to be a successful country, women should not be afraid to give birth and not be held hostage to the existing conditions”

Large families of Kyiv must be provided with decent housing conditions. Samopomich has developed legislative initiatives which can put this into practice. They were presented by the Deputy Speaker of the parliament Oksana Syroyid:

“Our suggestion is to oblige developers to donate a small share of the housing they build to the social fund of the city, so that the city could support large families who need better housing conditions. This decision must be approved by the parliament in order to legally enshrine this obligation. And there is another decision that needs to be made at the city level – this is the procedure for allocating such housing. It must be transparent. People need to understand who can get such housing in the first place and how to do it.”

Today, the procedure of providing housing to large families is opaque. Through various fraudulent means, the city authorities can allocate housing to “their” people, bypassing those who really need this housing. While Samopomich offers to have a transparent order and a public queue for social housing.

Syroyid explains: “There are several options for large families, and they can be used at the same time. This is both the allocation of housing as such and interest-free lending. Because many people are willing to pay such a loan in hryvnias, they just need to be given such an opportunity. The third way is renting social housing. Those people who are waiting for the improvement of living conditions often live in non-residential premises. While the city must provide people with decent conditions – be it shared households or apartments for rent.”

Both of these decisions are available and require immediate adoption. Kyiv is the richest city in Ukraine, in which 1 million square meters of housing is commissioned annually. At the same time, there are large families in Kyiv that work hard, do their best, but still do not have any support from society to live in normal conditions.

Oksana Syroyid concludes: “If we want to be a successful country, women should not be afraid to give birth and should not be held hostage by the conditions in which they are today.”

Oksana Syroid
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