Syroyid: “The recognition of Russian occupation will remain in the history of Ukraine, but the unconstitutional powers of the President will have terrible consequences”

According to the Vice-Speaker of the parliament Oksana Syroyid, the recognition of Russia as the aggressor and occupier is a decision that Samopomich considered critical for the preservation of the state during almost the whole period of the faction’s work in the parliament.

“Ukraine has been at war with Russia for several centuries, but it has never had the courage to say that Russia is the enemy and the occupier. It might be so that in a hundred years this decision will be the only one in connection with which people will remember the parliament of this convocation,” Oksana Syroyid believes.

However, she says that this law also introduces unconstitutional powers for the President and this is a threat to every citizen, to the freedom of every person in Ukraine.

“People should understand that today the parliament voted for the President’s right to take troops to Maidan if he considers so necessary without the consent of the Verkhovna Rada; he will be able to use the Armed Forces of Ukraine without the consent of the parliament whenever he wants – even in peacetime and throughout the whole country. He will also have the right to determine the boundaries of the occupied territories.

It is unclear who “united forces” are and who will be their commander. And the Joint Operational Headquarters, which is to be created, will be actually supervising the trade with the occupied territories; a “competition” has already been held, and the generals who will be carrying out these functions have been selected,” Oksana Syroyid notes.

The Vice-Speaker is convinced that the President decided to initiate this decision in order to devalue the position of Samopomich, and to secure himself additional powers under the guise of recognizing Russian aggression. This creates a new form of hybrid state government.

For two and a half years Samopomich has been demanding from this parliament to pass a law that would legally recognize the fact of Russian occupation of part of the Ukrainian territory. Everyone remembers how reluctant the authorities were when making this decision. There were all kinds of pretexts and lies: the Security and Defence Committee would say that those who demanded the recognition of aggression and occupation were the agents of the Kremlin, the President would say he would never agree to this. But suddenly a draft law appeared.

I have to admit that by such actions and the powers prescribed in this law, the President only brings himself closer to the responsibility – both political and criminal. The same goes for the present Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, who at the time when the Russian aggression and occupation began also avoided making necessary decisions. This will all have consequences. But if the President wants to bear criminally responsible – no problem, let him do so,” Oksana Syroyid concludes.


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