Syroyid: “The Electoral Code is so important that it is counterproductive to be looking for some catches in it”

A duel of systems. This is how the Deputy Speaker of parliament Oksana Syroyid described the voting for the Electoral Code.

“We have been observing a confrontation between the people who want to change the electoral system, who want open lists and the people who have been “working over” their constituencies for years. And instead of engaging in parliamentary work, they have been engaged in corruption — they collected money and bribed voters. There was also a part of people who simply do not understand this new system and just have a certain fear of it.”

According to Syroyid, this document is historic and very important for the country: “The importance of this decision is so high that it is counterproductive to be looking for some catches in it.”

The Electoral Code will come into force during the next elections to the Verkhovna Rada in 2023. This is logical because so many elements still need to be launched. The Deputy Speaker notes:

“We need to understand that the Code is not only about parliamentary elections, but also about local elections, and the presidential election – all elections at the same time. And we need a transitional period for these mechanisms to start working.”

The Code does not provide for the majority system elections, but provides for binding to a particular region, which is correct, according to Syroyid.

“Today there is a large number of people who are elected in their districts only because they have a brand of a certain political party. Although nobody knows them in the very districts. The idea is to make political parties be interested in working with people in the regions.” Oksana Syroyid stresses that there is no need to fear the Electoral Code because it is a huge step forward for Ukraine.

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