Syroyid: “Unfortunately, they do not prove the guilt in our country. The Prosecutor General appoints the guilty ones”

In the opinion of the Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroyid, the law enforcement system in Ukraine dominates and is beyond the control of the parliament. Therefore, it is absolutely unpunished, creates arbitrariness, and then presents it to us in the form of “soap operas”.

“One can eloquently state from the rostrum that a crime has occurred and link Mikheil Saakashvili with Kurchenko all one wants. Yet, this is the court that has to establish whether or not this is true. However, how come the Prosecutor General speaks about a crime, if Kurchenko himself is not convicted? His case has not been brought to court, and while there is no conviction against him, the conversations of two people are not relevant to the composition of the crime,” Oksana Syroyid says.

She emphasizes that the law enforcement agencies must be controlled by the parliament, as they use force against people. Therefore, the parliament should be able to thoroughly question the Prosecutor General – this is the duty of MPs.

“However, his testimony today has turned into a “benefit performance”, and instead of allowing the deputies to ask dozens of questions, only a minute was allocated per question, while the Prosecutor General himself spoke for almost an hour and a half.

And it all ended with shameful threats to people’s deputies. On what basis did Yuriy Lutsenko tell the leader of the Samopomich faction Oleh Bereziuk that they would meet in court? Is there a criminal proceeding opened against Oleh Bereziuk? Or are there any cases in which Oleh Bereziuk is a subject to them altogether? As a matter of fact, this is not really the first incident like this, which indicates a feeling of complete impunity,” Oksana Syroyid says.

The Vice-Speaker is convinced that we are witnessing a situation when, unfortunately, the guilt is not proved, but as it was in the Soviet Union and other totalitarian systems, the guilty people are appointed.

“The Prosecutor General comes, points a finger and says, “You will be guilty.” This is how the criminal process looks. The law enforcement system dominates in the country and is beyond the control of the parliament, therefore it is absolutely unpunished, creates arbitrariness, and then presents it to us in the form of “soap operas”.

Today Prosecutor General Lutsenko for President Poroshenko is the same as Minister Zakharchenko for Yanukovych. Somebody should tell the President that the current Prosecutor General is a huge threat for him,” Oksana Syroyid concludes

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