Syroyid: “Electricity prices are in the hands of Akhmetov’s monopolies, not on the pages of the presidential bill”

Parliament’s Deputy Speaker Oksana Syroyid advises not to hope too much for a decrease in electricity prices even though President Zelensky has prepared the corresponding bill. Because this is a matter in which neither the head of state nor the parliament decides.

“As Taras Shevchenko once said:

“Do not fool yourself; think, read.” For as long as we have one monopolist in the market of electricity production and thermal generation – this is Rinat Akhmetov, who today actually dictates the tariffs for electricity – we will never be able to be protected from this willful price of electricity.”

“Now they can promise you a lot, cancel something, and then raise the price again. There is only one solution – there must be no monopoly. One person cannot own 80% of mines and all combined heat and power plants. Not a single country in the world has it, because this poses a threat to national security,” summed up Syroyid.

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