Syroyid: Stop stealing and start truly caring for those who are protecting us

The strategy of the state in relation to the soldiers defending Ukraine at the front is to promise and not to fulfill the promises. Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroyid specifies:

“The state promised so-called combat payments. As a result, only the chosen ones are receiving them. The state promised payments for the destruction of the enemy’s military equipment. Once again – only some close to the commanders people are receiving them. The state promised benefits, free medical treatment and transferred it all to the responsibility of local governments. Finally, the state even promised to provide veterans with land, but lied once again and obliged local governments to fulfill this promise”.

How can the people willing to serve trust the government in such circumstances? Will they still be willing to serve?

“What should we do?” says the Vice Speaker. “We have to be honest. Honesty starts with fair payments. Today we have some examples of such honesty. For instance, Lviv has undertaken the responsibility for what the state refused to see to – housing, medical care, but the most important thing is fair payments to veterans. 100 thousand hryvnias for each participant of hostilities. If the city budget could do it, then the state budget definitely has enough money. One just has to stop stealing and start caring for those who are protecting us.”

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